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More and more homeless pensioners and others over 65 years

Not only a problem in developing countries

In Sweden, the number of homeless people over 65 has increased by approx. 23% in the period within the last 6 years.

Today there are approximately. 1850 people over 65 who are homeless, and this reflects the large lack of housing for people on a low income that those over 65 years old have.

The total number of homeless people in Sweden is 35% in one year 2015-2016. The housing shortage is said to be a major phenomenon, but in Sweden there is generally a lack of cheap housing.

The municipalities in Sweden prioritize families and individuals over the age of 65 with temporary housing solutions, yet it is difficult.

In Denmark, we also see a tendency for more and more homeless people. Nowadays, here are more young people who have become homeless, but in the long run and with the actions and “ghetto plan” that the Danish government has come up with, we think that in this country we can expect many young people as well as older people who become homeless.

The phenomenon is not only Scandinavia, but we also see in other countries around us that there are increasing and increasing demands that make more and more homeless and unable to get help.

In Spain, the Red Cross has established emergency food aid for those people who are homeless or just cannot afford to buy food.

We will not have to wait much longer before we see this bad development coming to Denmark. It has also started in this country with cuts, and some cities / municipalities cannot live in a low income. The more we get from its kind of cities / municipalities, the more cities / municipalities we get so crowded with poor and homeless.

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